What Feng Shui Can Do For You

Many people turn to feng shui when they feel life is not going well, but you don't have to be experiencing difficulties to benefit from improving the feng shui of your home!

Some possible effects of feng shui seem quite magical: social and professional contacts may increase; a new romantic relationship could materialize out of the blue; opportunities seem to crop up everywhere you look; your cash flow may increase substantially—sometimes literally overnight.

On a subtler level, you're likely to notice that your mood and mental clarity improve. You realize that you're sleeping better, you wake up refreshed, and you feel less stressed throughout the day.

What to Expect from Feng Shui

It is true that the impact of feng shui is strongest when any difficulties you are experiencing are caused by poor feng shui rather than by other factors. When this is the case, removing or correcting the problem can have immediate, dramatic and powerful results.

By correcting inauspicious chi and strengthening the appropriate areas of your home, feng shui will support your physical and emotional strength so that you can weather the storm of a difficult period more easily. And it can help you regain the perspective and insight necessary for getting your life back on track.

At the very least, you can expect to create a more comfortable and supportive home environment. Over time, this will result in reduced stress, more restful sleep and relaxation, and greater self-awareness. These in turn will enhance your overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

You will see improvements in your energy, enthusiasm and ability to work and communicate productively with others—all of which will have a dramatic influence on your life in the long run.

Everything is Connected

The basic premise of feng shui is that your life experience—your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, even the extent of your luck—is influenced by your surroundings. At the same time, the state of your home or work space is a reflection of your mood and attitude (which of course impact your experience as well).

A cluttered, dirty, or untidy home, for example, contributes to an atmosphere of apathy and fatigue. This makes it harder for you to find the energy to take inspired action for change, much less clean the place up.

Feng shui gives us insight and incentive to become mindful caretakers of our space. As a result, we live in greater harmony with our surroundings, and this helps us maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

It’s tempting to look at feng shui as a ticket to fulfilled wishes:  If I put my desk here and add this wealth symbol over there then my business will take off and the money will pour in. Well, it might. It’s not uncommon for simple feng shui changes to trigger significant results. It’s also quite common for people to use feng shui in hopes of a quick fix that will bring results without them having to change or make an extra effort. This usually doesn’t work out so well, even if things improve in the short term.

Feng Shui as a Path to Personal Growth

One very valuable aspect of Feng shui is that it has a tendency to bring new opportunities and relationships that encourage us to relinquish ineffective behaviors and stretch outside our comfort zones. While this is not always comfortable, it can be powerfully transforming if we rise to the challenges presented by these opportunities.

The effects of feng shui can be slow and subtle or immediate and seemingly miraculous. There is no way of predicting exactly what will manifest for you, when, or how.  Whether you experience dramatic improvements in your situation or frustratingly slow results, you can gain additional benefit from feng shui when you explore your inner responses to outward transformation.

Approach feng shui as an adventure, and be open to the unanticipated outcome that ends up taking you exactly where you need to go. Make a commitment to use feng shui as a path to personal growth, rather than as a quick fix for your problems, and you will inevitably achieve greater success in all aspects of your life.



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