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Quick Prosperity Tips for Cash Flow

by Stephanie on April 27, 2012

in Feng Shui MONEY Tips

lucky cat feng shui

With tax season just behind us here in the U.S., many people have finances on their minds, either waiting for that refund check to arrive, feeling the pinch of a tax bill just paid, or hoping they will somehow do better this year. If your wallet is feeling lighter than you’d like it to be this month, try one of these three quick feng shui wealth enhancements for your home or office.


Fill a small bowl with 1-2 cups of uncooked rice (preferably organic). It’s best – but not absolutely essential — if the bowl is new and purchased especially for this purpose. Place 3, 6, or 9 coins in the rice. You can either bury the coins in the rice or insert them sideways so part of the coin sticks out above the surface. If you have incense sticks around, place three sticks of incense in the rice as well. Place the rice bowl in a prosperity power spot or on your home altar, with the intention that it will help you to experience a healthy cash flow.


At the end of each day, take all the loose coins from your purse or pocket and put them in a bowl or coin bank (a Lucky Cat coin bank is perfect for this, but you can use any kind of container) near your front door or in a wealth power spot. Do this every day for 27 days. On day 28 count up your coins and spend that money on some kind of a treat, and enjoy the experience of having extra money to spend on something non-essential.


Challenge yourself to see how many pennies or other coins you can find in the next 3 weeks. Keep an eye out for stray coins on the sidewalk or anywhere else they may appear. Whenever you see one, pick it up, and say “thank you!” Start each day by visualizing for a moment that you’ve found another coin, being sure to feel the satisfaction and appreciation that it brings to you. Collect your found coins in a bowl or other container in the wealth corner of your home or office. Although you may not find a coin every day (my personal best is 3 consecutive days, but that’s still far above what most of us consider “normal”), it is likely that other kinds of surprise cash will come to you while you do this, such as a friend repaying you for a $20 loan you’d forgotten about, or an unexpected discount or rebate on a purchases. The important thing is to expect “found money” to come into your life, and to notice, claim, and appreciate it when it does show up.

As you create and place your wealth cures, be sure to visualize your cash flow increasing as though that is already your reality. Focusing on your lack of money is counterproductive. And please keep in mind that cash flow cures – while fun and often very effective – are just one aspect of feng shui, and are not a substitute for making any other changes or improvements that may be indicated for your space.

Keep in mind that a change in attitude or improvement in outlook can be as important for your financial success long-term as a short-term influx of cash.


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