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December 11 , 2003

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Important Announcements


The lucky winner of our first Fast Feng Shui monthly raffle is Patty T. from Illinois. Patty has won a 30mm Swarovksi crystal with silver and blue beaded hanging cord to enhance career success. Thanks to all who send in their entries. We'll announce a new prize in our next issue, so you can try again!


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Success Symbols

by Stephanie Roberts

An editor at First for Women magazine recently asked me for some ideas for easy small feng shui charms and success symbols they could mention in an upcoming article. I expect many of you are also interested in these idea as well, so I'm sharing them with you.

Red is the most auspicious color in feng shui. It is associated with success, fame, power, and good fortune. Wear red when you need to be strong, create a positive first impression, or feel lucky. Bright red power suit a little too much for you? Wearing red undies puts this power color right next to your skin to boost your energy inconspicuously, or you can opt for red accessories (think tie, scarf, shoes or handbag).

For a portable power symbol, buy a carved red cinnabar bead at your local crafts or bead store and hang it from your key ring or carry it in your pocket or purse. Red can be used to empower your wishes, goals, and desires as well; just write what you hope to receive or achieve on a piece of paper and put it in a small red envelope. Sleep with the envelope under your pillow for 27 nights to help make your dream come true.

Other powerful feng shui colors are purple and green for wealth, dark blues and black for career, and pink for marriage and romance. Choose a cell-phone faceplate in one of these colors, and every time your phone rings that aspect of your life will get an energy boost!

In addition to clothing and accessories, semi-precious stone jewelry is a great way to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe. Amethyst, jade, malachite, lapis lazuli, onyx, and rose quartz all make great feng shui accessories. You can also place a small bead of an appropriate color into a red envelope along with your written wish. Colored Swarovski crystal beads also make great feng shui jewelry. If you're not the do-it-yourself type, check out your local New Age store for jewelry and feng shui accessories.

A popular wealth symbol is three Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon. Carry one of these charms in your purse or wallet and place another inside your checkbook to power-up your cash flow. Another quick way to juice up the wealth energy in your home is to place a bowl of green and purple grapes in the back left (or Southeast) corner of your kitchen. Goldfish are another popular feng shui money symbol; wear a small enameled one (orange is the best color) on a gold chain around your neck, hang it from the rear-view mirror of your car, or add it to your key chain.

The Chinese "double-happiness" symbol is especially favorable for marriage, but anything associated with romance will do as well. Hang a cupid figure over your bed, or sleep with a heart-shaped piece of rose quartz under your pillow to attract romance or strengthen your relationship. A pretty heart-shaped box is a great place to stash your written romantic wishes, especially if you find one with a red or pink rose design. Place the box on the nightstand that's on the right side of bed (on your right as you face the headboard), or in the far right or Southwest corner of your bedroom.

Women have a definite fashion advantage when it comes to feng shui, as colored scarves can be used for a variety of purposes. Drape a blue and black scarf over the back of your office chair to support career success, or choose a bamboo pattern for prosperity and easy progress.

Inner peace and happiness come from keeping all the other areas of your life in balance. Two symbols that assist in achieving this often-elusive harmony are the tai chi (yin-yang) symbol and the ba gua -- an octagon with the tai chi in the center and a pattern of trigrams (sets of three solid and/or broken lines) around the sides. When peace and tranquility are elusive, an angel figurine or an image of the goddess Quan Yin help to bring peace and compassion to any space. Another way to gain symbolic support is to look up your Chinese astrological sign; place an image or figurine of you animal sign near your front door or in your living room, or carry a tiny one in your pocket or purse.

As I hope you all know by now, feng shui involves a lot more than the quick-and-easy ideas presented here. However, there is a place for these kinds of cures in your feng shui agenda. Portable symbols and fun, quick cures can be helpful daily reminders to focus on our goals and apply the power of our intention to all aspects of our lives, even when we are away from home.


Feng Shui Q+A

(Most questions will have been edited for clarity and length, and any identifying details have been changed. Please note that due to the high volume of email I receive, it is no longer possible for me to respond to every question personally. I still welcome your questions, and if I cannot provide a personal response I will try to address your issue in a future Q+A column.)

Q: Is it bad luck to have a skylight in my bedroom?

A: One of the problems associated with skylights is that cutting a hole in the roof to install one is thought to cause bad luck. If the skylight is part of the original design for the house (i.e., it was not added post-construction), don't worry about it.

If the skylight was added after the house was built, place an image of a guardian figure of some kind (such as an angel or whatever feels strong to you) beneath the skylight. Hanging a faceted crystal under the skylight will help to deflect any sha chi that may be coming in, and to prevent chi from leaking out of the room through the skylight as well.

I do not recommend sleeping directly under the skylight if you can avoid it. If you can't move the bed, then cover the skylight when you go to sleep at night. Translucent fabric "silhouette" blinds work well for skylights. Do not use mini-blinds on a skylight over the bed, as all those long narrow edges will just add more sha chi to the space!


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Happy Holidays to everyone!


With warm aloha,

Maui, HI  


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