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Your Name Reveals Your Specific Path to Success in Life. Follow It and You Will Live in Harmony With Your True Purpose. Ignore It and You Will Continue to Struggle. Learn the Power Behind Your Name.
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FREE Feng Shui eBooks
Fast Feng Shui
Fast Feng Shui for Singles
Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity
Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out


FREE Feng Shui eBooks

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"The Top 10 Feng Shui Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them"

Inside advice from a feng shui expert helps you avoid the pitfalls of trying to do too much too quickly, making feng shui changes that won't address your needs, and more.

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"A Quick Guide to the Five Elements"

Learn how to use the Creative, Controlling, and Reducing cycles of the five feng shui elements -- wood, fired, earth, metal, and water -- to select and enhance your feng shui cures and improve the energy of your home.

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"Wind Chimes & Water Fountains: Favorite Feng Shui Objects and How to Use Them"
  Helpful guidelines for when, where, and how to use water fountains, wind chimes, faceted crystal balls, and other popular feng shui "cures."

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Fast Feng Shui (eBook)

Fast Feng Shui ebook by Stephanie Roberts

ebook version of the popular trade paperback edition

This easy, effective approach to contemporary Western feng shui shows you fast and effective ways to remove obstacles to growth and achieve success and prosperity in all aspects of life. Discover feng shui as a path of self-transformation as you activate your personal "power spots," neutralize negativity, remove clutter, and enhance physical well-being. Over 180 affirmations and visualizations take the mystery out of empowering changes, and make the mystical practice of feng shui user-friendly and fun.

"I LOVE your book! I'm going to order at least four more copies for my daughters and friends. The content is the best, most simple, and 'what I want to know' out of all the feng shui books I've read to date."
- a reader in California

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Fast Feng Shui for Singles (eBook)

Fast Feng Shui for Singles ebookby Stephanie Roberts

ebook version of the popular trade paperback edition

If you are frustrated by a seemingly endless quest for the kind of love relationship you deserve, the layout, furnishings, and energy of your home and bedroom could be part of the problem! Fast Feng Shui for Singles teaches you, step-by-step, how to analyze your floor plan and decor, diagnose feng shui problems, and adjust the energy in your home so that your living space can better support you in finding - and keeping! - the perfect love you desire.

"[Stephanie's] wisdom brings an undeniable contribution to helping single people clear whatever may be blocking their attraction or maintenance of a healthy, enriching relationship... Highly recommended."
- Barbara Rose
author of If God Was Like a Man

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Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity (eBook)

Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity ebookby Stephanie Roberts

new ebook release!

Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity is full of great feng shui information about how to remove obstacles to success and increase your cash flow. Plus you get an insider's look at the ba gua (the feng shui energy map) to reveal its secrets for manifesting wealth. This book goes way beyond other books about the feng shui of money, with inside information that can dramatically increase your success.

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Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out

by Stephanie Roberts

Getting rid of clutter is essential
to good feng shui!

Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out is a new approach to clutter clearing. It goes beyond telling you how to clean up and get organized to reveal the hidden emotional and psychological reasons why coping with clutter is so hard to do. And it shows you, step-by-step, how you can reclaim control of your space.

"This is a great program; I recommend it to everyone! I have attempted clutter clearing many times before. CLUTTER-FREE FOREVER! provided not only instruction and motivation, but a reason (the feng shui principles) for doing it, and step-by-step instructions made it easy to follow. This has been a wonderful experience for our entire family."
--Tracy Perrine, Plover, WI

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