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ISBN 1931383030

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"Finally, a fun,
feng shui book that is
logical, coherent, and
user-friendly. I highly
recommend this book

to beginners as well as
seasoned practitioners."

- Robin Lennon -

author, Home Design from
the Inside Out


Praise and Reviews


"An excellent, accessible feng shui primer for anyone with a busy life... a gold mine of information. Whether covering the basicsthe ba gua energy map, the five elements, and the power of intentionor elucidating the nine core principles she has drawn out of feng shui, Roberts is witty, precise, and to-the-point. ... This book is suitable for readers with any level of expertise with the art of feng shui. Roberts Westernizes feng shui with wit, wonder, and practical insight."

New Age Retailer

"Invaluable and highly recommended reading for metaphysical students with an interest in interior home design, Fast Feng Shui is enhanced for the reader with 108 "Quick Tips" and more than 180 affirmations and visualizations for empowering and activating feng shui changes."

Midwest Book Review


"Fast Feng Shui is a clear and simple approach to improving the energy of your home and your life. ... [a] fun, effective way to bring harmony and balance into your home, and new energy into your life. Along the way you'll discover that this ancient practice can be a powerful ally on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth!"

Independent Publisher Online "highlighted title"

"[This] fresh publication is a fast-lane tool with a speedy yet substantive overview, to-the-point tips flagging intention, affirmation and visualization, and quick cross-referencing that puts you in the driver's seat with a clear view!"

Feng Shui :45 Newsletter



"I LOVE your book! I'm going to order at least four more copies for my daughters and friends. The content is the best, most simple, and 'what I want to know' out of all the feng shui books I've read to date."

- a reader in California -


"Manifesting your dreams is made easy with the simple and powerful tools in Fast Feng Shui."

- Rich Welt -

co-founder, Natural Bridges Institute and the Feng Shui Teleconference Series

"Creatively integrates your personality type and the power of intention with the basics of Western Feng Shui. Fast Feng Shui is fast due to its innovative cross-referenced principles and quick tip approach."

- Jami Lin -

internationally renowned Feng Shui expert, instructor, and author


"Fabulous, very clear, and fun to read."

- a reader in Maine -


"Roberts' presentation is very clear, personable, and applicable. Her presentation allows you to get straight to the particular issue you wish to address with Feng Shui, hence the title, but gives a clear and detailed analysis of each issue. Her clear appendices alone are worth the price of the book."

Arising Arts

"Stephanie Roberts' new books are comprehensive, well-informed, and written with wind-and-water heart, wit and style."

Feng Shui Quarterly




"An easy to comprehend book that shows the Feng Shui beginner just how easy it is to begin your environment & your life's Feng Shui transformation. ... Fast Feng Shui takes the mystery & guessing out of Feng Shui and after reading this book you feel, 'Oh! Now I get it!' ... The 'Quick Tips' are simple & easy to understand as well. Tips on what to do if you have a spiral staircase (Quick Tip #69), how to use citris to absorb negativity (Quick Tip #77), if a key issue in your life is related to love & relationships (Quick Tip #10) and even cleaning out your car (Quick Tip #58) can be found in this great book."

Bella Online

"Fast Feng Shui ... opens a personalized doorway to transformation, creativity and power. ... a well-written and meaningful path to greater insight and long-lasting success!"

Metaphysical Reviews



"Fast Feng Shui is one of the best introductions to feng shui I have read. It is clearly written and can be quickly read. Anyone following Stephanie's suggestions will soon find their lives transformed. Don't wait to begin using these simple "cures" to effect positive, dynamic changes in every area of your life."

- Carol Bridges -

author of The Code of the Goddess, Sacred Earth Feng Shui Oracle, and A Soul in Place: Reclaiming Home as Sacred Space


"This is the only thing I've ever read about feng shui that made any sense."

- a reader in Alaska -


"[Fast Feng Shui] is one of the few feng shui books which is understandable and well organized. I always struggle with book suggestions when my clients and students ask me. There is such a plethora of horrible feng shui books on the market. I will add yours to those by Terah K. Collins, Karen Kingston, Nancy SantoPietro, Denise Linn, and Carole Hyder. Congratulations and thank you."

- Carol Wheelock -

Feng Shui Vermont


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