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Note: If you already know which areas of your life you need to start improving, please click here for some quick tips.

Use this online Issues Assessment to help you define what areas of your life you need to work on, in order of priority. Listed below are some of the issues that may manifest when there is a problem with a specific area of the ba gua. Even when these issues are not specifically caused by poor feng shui, they can be addressed by improving the chi of that gua.

Rate each statement based on how accurately it reflects how you feel about your life at this time. Please answer all questions in order to get accurate results. Use the following scale:

1 = This is definitely a problem area for me.
2 = Mostly true, although things could be worse.
3 = Some relevance to me, but it's not a major issue right now.
4 = Not very true, but there is some room for improvement.
5 = Not true for me at all; I'm happy with the way things are.

  1    2    3    4    5 _______________ Life Issue

         I have no idea what I should do with my life.
         The spiritual side of life is not important to me.
         My family is not supportive of me.
         Nothing is working out for me financially.
         I am having legal problems.
         My love life is non-existent or unfulfilling.

         I am feeling blocked and frustrated creatively.
         I want to travel or I am tired of constant traveling.
         I have unresolved issues with my father.
         I find it hard to complete the projects I start.
         I take better care of others than I do of myself.
         I am not getting the recognition that I deserve.

         Nothing is enough for me, I always want more.
         It is difficult for me to get going on new projects.
         I feel stressed and ungrounded most of the time.
         I find it hard to meet people or make friends.
         I am feeling dissatisfied with my career.
         I would like to be in or getting more from therapy.

         My health is poor or I wish I had more vitality.
         I'm making good money, but can't seem to save.
         My reputation is holding me back.
         I have unresolved issues with my mother.
         I worry about my kids or I want to have a baby.
         I feel like there's nobody on my side.


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