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Activate chi with moving water

In feng shui terms, moving water brings prosperity and good luck to the home. Water fountains and aquariums are great feng shui enhancements because they are at the same time soothing and energizing.

The sound and motion of gurgling water activates chi and adds humidity to a dry room, helping to balance chi. Moving water gets things going when the chi has been stagnant for a while (think of ice melting in the spring). Use moving water cures anywhere you want to enhance water or wood energy.


Water fountains come in many shapes and sizes; pick one that:

  • Suits the style of your décor
  • Is an appropriate size for the place you intend to use it
  • Incorporates the materials, shapes, and/or colors of the element energies you want to add to that space

You can adjust the sound of a water fountain by changing the water level. Some fountains also come with an adjustable pump, so you can vary the speed with which the water flows. Experiment until you find a tone and volume that sounds right.

If you place a water fountain by your front door (indoors or out) to activate kan gua (career), make sure the water flows toward your door, not away from it. You want all that good chi to come into your life, not flow out of it!

Be sure to add more water to your fountain as it evaporates, to avoid possible damage to the pump if the water level gets too low. Depending on your climate and the size of the fountain, this could be once a week or every day. If you will be away from home for several days, unplug the fountain while you are gone.

Some people find the sound of a water fountain distracting. A fountain is generally not recommended for the bedroom, unless you turn it off while you are sleeping. Be guided by your personal response, and choose another cure if a fountain isn’t right for you.


An aquarium can be extremely effective at increasing wealth and luck. The best places for an aquarium are in kan (career) and hsun (wealth) guas, or near the front door. Combine eight orange fish and one black one, or eight black and one gold. If you’re using an aquarium to increase wealth, add nine coins to the tank (chose a metal that won’t harm your fish with any chemical reaction).

Be sure to keep your fish tank immaculately clean. Less-than-fresh water and algae-clogged filters won’t do your fish any good, and will send yucky-water chi out into the room. If any of your fish die, replace them immediately with bigger, more expensive ones.


INTENTION—As you set up your fountain or aquarium, stay focused on your intention to activate your success, prosperity, or career advancement, or whatever your specific goal may be.

AFFIRMATION—When you are done, make a statement to support your intention, such as: “Water now flows and nourishes this space, bringing abundance and prosperity to me and my family.”

VISUALIZATION—Take a few moments to sit by your new fountain or fish tank, and visualize the water chi bringing vitality and prosperity to your home. Imagine the benefits this will bring, and picture any specific goal you may have in mind as if it has already been accomplished.

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