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Wash your windows

Windows represent your ability to see clearly; if they are dirty, your perception may be muddied as well. This can manifest literally as problems with your eyes, or symbolically as an inability to “see clearly” what’s going on in your life.

Pay special attention to any windows in your power spots, and wash those first. Windows don’t have to be noticeably dirty: even a thin layer of dust can keep you from seeing the whole picture. If you are feeling indecisive about something and need more clarity on the situation, go to the gua that represents that aspect of life, and wash your windows.

Another problem is double-glazed windows that have fogged up. Foggy windows can lead to foggy thinking. This type of damage occurs between two panes of glass, and is harder to clean. You will probably have to remove the windows and have them professionally dismantled and cleaned.


INTENTION—As you wash your windows, stay focused on your intention to remove anything that is interfering with your clear vision of your life or clouding your understanding of a specific situation related to that gua.

AFFIRMATION—When you are done, make a verbal affirmation to support your vision, such as: “I can see things clearly now, with no distortion or isunderstanding.”

VISUALIZATIONTake a moment to admire how much better your windows look from the outside, then go indoors and enjoy how much more clearly you can see out. Visualize how this new clarity will affect specific aspects of your life, and imagine that any muddled thinking or misunderstandings have been cleared up.

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