Clear Your Clutter for Good Feng Shui!

Getting rid of clutter is one of the best ways to instantly improve the feng shui of your home!
Clearing out clutter helps you feel like less of a victim and puts you back in control of your moods and your life. You have greater confidence in your abilities and decisions, so you feel more hopeful and optimistic about the future. You respect yourself more, and will probably find that other people treat you better as well. You feel less stressed, and have more courage to try and do new things. You stop turning to material objects to make you happy, because you are content with less.

Clearing out your clutter creates space for possibility! Why not get started today?

Clutter and Your Authentic Self

August 31, 2012
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Have you ever felt so discouraged, your life so out-of-control, the universe so unresponsive to your needs and desires, that you couldn’t help it: you just had to clean up? By paying attention to these impulses we recognize the deep connection between our personal environment and our innermost selves. It’s as though by shifting the [...]

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Make the Most of Bedroom Focal Points

August 11, 2012
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“Chi flows where attention goes.” This is a commonly used statement in feng shui, and it’s the reason the focal point of your bedroom is a good place to put imagery that represents your desired future experience. Every room has one or more focal points, determined by how your furniture is positioned as well as [...]

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Clutter is Natural

June 29, 2012
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Nature loves clutter. Just think of all the stuff that drops from trees, washes in on the tide, or is blown by the wind into your backyard. Birds molt, animals shed, snakes slither out of their skin, and they all just leave it lying there to rot into the earth. Follow any two-year-old around for [...]

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Clutter’s Side Effects

May 29, 2012
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How the State of Your Home Affects Your Life Each area of your home has a symbolic meaning with which you resonate on a subconscious level. Clutter and untidiness within each of these areas causes constriction and inertia in the corresponding aspects of your life. CLUTTER IN THE KITCHEN The kitchen has been called the [...]

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