A Place for Relaxation and Romance

The bedroom is where you rest and relax, and where you spend time with an intimate partner. Because the bedroom is your private space, it is the most important room for personalized feng shui strategies, especially those targeting health and romance. Be sure to give your bedroom priority feng shui attention, following the advice and guidelines in the posts collected here.

Bedroom with Two Doors

August 25, 2012
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Q: There are two doors to my bedroom. Which one do I use for placing the ba gua? A: Where there is more than one entry to a room, the ba gua for that room is based on the following factors (listed here in order of importance): 1. Which doorway/entry is architecturally more prominent? Can [...]

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Bed Under a Window

August 20, 2012
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Q: I bought a book about feng shui that says “never put a bed under a window.” But in my bedroom that is the only available position for the bed. What should I do? A: This is one of my great complaints with many traditional feng shui books and methods. They are full of “don’t [...]

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Make the Most of Bedroom Focal Points

August 11, 2012
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“Chi flows where attention goes.” This is a commonly used statement in feng shui, and it’s the reason the focal point of your bedroom is a good place to put imagery that represents your desired future experience. Every room has one or more focal points, determined by how your furniture is positioned as well as [...]

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Fountain in the Bedroom

August 9, 2012
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Q: The wealth area of our home is the Master Bedroom. We currently have a tabletop water fountain in the back left corner of the room, as well as some other objects like photos of our dream house and garden, chinese coins, and amethyst crystals. I have recently read on the internet that water features [...]

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