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Bed Under a Window

by Stephanie on August 20, 2012

in BEDROOM Feng Shui

Q: I bought a book about feng shui that says “never put a bed under a window.” But in my bedroom that is the only available position for the bed. What should I do?

A: This is one of my great complaints with many traditional feng shui books and methods. They are full of “don’t do this” rules, with not much advice on what to do if you can’t avoid that situation.

bed under window

My policy is “never say ‘never’.” Feng shui should not be about wrestling your home into compliance with guidelines that are not relevant or applicable to your space. It’s about making the best possible choices for you, within the limitations of your specific space.

In many cases it’s just not possible to follow the “rules.” So, while it is less than ideal to have your bed under a window, your goal should be to find the best of the options that are available to you, even if some or all of them will place you under a window. Even if there is only one wall against which your bed can go, there may be several possible ways you could place the bed on that side of the room.

Some factors to consider:

  • Which position puts you in the best position relative to the doorway? You should be able to see the door, without being directly in the path of chi.
  • Which position provides the broadest view of the rest of the room?
  • Which position provides the best focal point (what you see when you are lying in bed, or the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning)?
  • Which position is best protected from any sources of sha chi?

Placing the bed under a window is considered a weak position, but if your bed has a solid headboard, that will provide support and protection. You can also place crystals or geodes on the window sill or on the floor under the head of the bed to add stabilizing earth energy.

Other possible problems from being near the window might be light in the morning (or bright streetlights outside at night), or cold drafts in winter. A good window shade and some weather-stripping will take care of those.

The bottom line is that the best position for your bed is the one in which you will get the best night’s rest. And in some cases — yours may be one — that might be right under the window.



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