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Easy Feng Shui Remedies for the Bathroom

by Stephanie on July 5, 2012

in BATHROOM Feng Shui, Rituals, Cures & Remedies

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The bathroom has a bad reputation in feng shui, mostly because there is no good place for it within the ba gua, which long predates indoor plumbing. The abundant water chi and plumbing features of a bathroom can have a draining effect on the chi of whichever gua the room occupies. For example, a bathroom in the Relationship area is thought to weaken romantic partnerships. In the wealth area, that draining effect can drain away your money chi, and so on.

The most problematic bathroom locations are:

  • Adjacent or very close to the “mouth of chi” [front door], such as a powder room that shares a wall with the foyer or that is across the hall from the front door. In this location a bathroom can drain away vital chi before it can circulate throughout the house.
  • Upstairs, directly above the front door. This floods the entry to your home with funky bathroom energy.
  • Upstairs, directly above the kitchen. A bathroom above the kitchen can dampen or extinguish the fire chi associated with the hearth/stove, which is potentially damaging to your family’s health and finances.
  • In the tai chi (center) of your home. Any influence in the tai chi (good or bad) affects the entire home, so a bathroom here is destabilizing to every gua.

However, in spite of these potential problems, there’s no need to panic if a bathroom in your home is inauspiciously located. There are many ways to counteract the bathroom influence and keep your health, wealth, and happiness from flushing down the drain. Here are nine you may find useful:

  1. Good Housekeeping: The first and easiest thing to do is emphasize all the bathroom’s positive qualities. You begin and end the active part of each day here, so make the space as attractive and inviting as possible. Bathrooms are places for purification and cleansing. Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment in there strengthens and supports this important energy. A grubby and untidy bathroom, on the other hand, emphasizes all the negative qualities of this space. If your bathroom occupies any of the more challenging locations described above, it is essential to keep it sparkling clean, tidy, and well-lit.
  2. Mirror on the door: A full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door helps deflects chi away. If chi doesn’t enter the room, it can’t be lost down the drain.
  3. Close the drains: Keep sink and shower drains closed when not in use; keep the toilet seat/lid down when not in use.
  4. Stabilize chi with Earth energy: place a stone, large natural crystal, a heavy ceramic bowl or vase, or any other earth-type object in each corner of the room. This is especially helpful for a bathroom in the tai chi (center) of the home.
  5. Use a crystal: A faceted crystal ball hung in the center of the bathroom will help disperse chi evenly throughout the space.
  6. Use a small mirror: A 3” round mirror can be fixed to the ceiling directly above the toilet with double-sided tape. Empower the mirror to reverse the flow of chi being sucked down the toilet.
  7. Uplifting imagery: Place artwork or photography of birds or trees in the area below an inauspiciously located upstairs bathroom. For example, if there’s a bathroom above the kitchen, place bird or tree imagery in the kitchen under whatever spot(s) key plumbing features occupy overhead.
  8. Paint the walls red: Recommended for a bathroom in the tai chi. Red is the color of Fire, which supports the Earth qualities of the tai chi.
  9. Mirror the walls: Mirroring all the interior walls of the bathroom, is said to cancel out the space. Frankly, I can’t imagine actually doing this, as the visual effect would be mind-boggling. It is a recommended cure to “erase” a problematic bathroom, however, so I’m including it as an FYI for those who might want to use drastic measures.

A clean, attractively furnished bathroom invites you to slow down, relax, and indulge in some self-pampering such as a long soak in a hot tub by candlelight. By making a few easy changes to this space you can stop stressing over any negative bathroom feng shui and enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of modern plumbing.


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