Confused by the Ba Gua?

The modern feng shui ba gua is a simple grid
that isn't always simple to use.

How to use this essential energy map correctly raises a lot of questions – many of which have landed in my inbox over the years.

Is my garage/porch/deck/carport part of the ba gua?
Which door do I use?
What if my house is sideways to the street?
Am I missing my Wealth area!?
(and many more)

I'll be honest with you: it got old fast, answering the same questions over and over again. So I created a FREE EBOOK for you that answers them all:


This in-depth, 36-page eBook collects 30 Ba Gua FAQs and answers them in detail, including lots of examples and diagrams.

If you've got questions about the ba gua and how to use it for your home, click the YES button below to get your FREE eBook today!

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